I decided to start making some of my blog posts and short stories into Youtube videos as an attempt to get better at public speaking. I'd love to know what you think! Check my channel out at Katsomething



A few months ago my boyfriend and I thought it would be funny to start a podcast since we love listening to them so much ourselves. Fast forward to November 2016 when the first episode of our podcast is officially up on Itunes!

In this podcast we watch a movie that one person really loved from their past and the other has never seen and we discuss if the movie was as good as they remember and if it is worth a second watch. 

Be sure to check out 2nd Viewing on Itunes!

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This is a fiction blog I and my close friend/ fellow blogger Emily Michelle Fata decided to start one day out of a desire to write, but not really knowing what to write about. 

Every week we pick a writing prompt from Pinterest and write a short story (also known as Flash Fiction) using this prompt. If you like creative writing and quick stories, be sure to check it out!



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