Laughing at a Funeral


Laughing at a Funeral follows the story of Violet, a senior in high school who discovers a talent in an apathetic ability to tell people bad news. She thrives off of the satisfaction of telling the high and mighty “popular kids” that their cars have been totalled or their boyfriends are cheating on them. However, Violet’s own heartbreak has lead her to these drastic and incomprehensible measures, which she begins using as a means to make money. Friends, family, and even strangers pay her to tell others the bad news they can’t muster up the confidence to divulge themselves. 

This makes her happy, until she meets high school soccer star and class president Arlen James, her complete opposite. He is nice, friendly, likeable and involved in more lighthearted activities than she is. Having him as her lab partner changes her perspective in ways she never could have thought or is even comfortable with. Between him and her erratic friend Dio (chocolate addict and misinterpreted ‘crazy person’) Violet is being torn into the two halves of her personality. 

Does the view she has of herself—cynical beyond all repair—really reflect who she is? Is her sympathy towards Arlen a show of weakness? Or is life not so black and white after all? Violent begins to realize that high school is the worst time for a girl to uncover who she really is as a person.